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The Western Washington Agricultural Association is a proactive grower-based organization that is making a difference for farmers in Western Washington. If you want to make a difference for Ag, then your support of the Western Washington Agricultural Association is very important.

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Western Washington Farm Crops Association was formed as a non-profit corporation in January 1944 to act not as a bargaining agent but to work for the interest of growers in the green pea industry. As "Skagit County Pea Grower's Association”, these growers were able to create an association to perform two primary functions for pea growers. The association could raise and expend money for weed and pest control affecting the growing of peas and act as an agent for the members in obtaining contracts with processors.

Over the next fourteen years, agriculture experienced rapid growth in the Pacific Northwest and the membership decided to alter the purpose of the group. The association became "Northwest Washington Farm Crops Association" and the membership expanded to include sweet corn growers. The organization expanded its powers to include serving as a marketing agent for its members. The organization also pledged to support experimental scientific work by contributing to the research, development and advancement of agricultural crops that the association had an interest in.

In 1959, the association hired its first manager to work on its behalf. This move was in order to improve public relations. The association contributed to the Department of Agriculture to aid in the unification of grading systems and standards used by processors throughout the state. These standards were accepted in January 1962.

The association' s growth continued and in 1968 area cucumber and cauliflower growers petitioned for acceptance into the association's membership. This increased the association's responsibility to marketing four types of produce: peas, sweet corn, cucumbers and cauliflower.

In 1972, committees from Northwest Washington Farm Crops Association, Central Washington Farm Crops Association, and Oregon-Washington Growers Association met once again. They formed the "Amalgamated Growers Association" to aid in the group bargaining of produce.

Carrots became the fifth crop the association obtained marketing for in 1974. With the addition of members from Grays Harbor, the Association became "Western Washington Farm Crops Association" in 1975. The association's main purpose became negotiating prices with processors through a master contract and the association's role became working as a "sales division" for growers. This increased its responsibility to satisfying the processor's need for a quality product at a reasonable price

Today, the association is changing again to meet the current needs of the agricultural community. The need to market commodity vegetable crops has declined while the outside pressures from regulators, environmentalists, and tribes have shown a remarkable increase. These outside influences are impossible to handle as an individual grower or businessperson. Group action is required.

Once again, the association has morphed to meet the current challenge. We have changed our name to Western Washington Agricultural Association to be more inclusive of agriculture in the area. We also changed our mission statement and membership requirements to include anyone engaged in agriculture or an allied industry. As we move forward in the twenty-first century, we look forward to serving the entire agricultural community as we have for the past fifty-seven years.

For more information on membership in the Western Washington Agricultural Association, call our office at (360) 424-7327 or e-mail us at ddanielson@fidalgo.net.

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To represent agriculture by providing services for the entire agricultural community.

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Our next Annual Meeting is scheduled for Friday, January 25, 2008 at the CottonTree Inn in Mount Vernon. The registration desk will open at 9:00 and the meeting will convene at 9:30 a.m. with a lunch buffet at 12 noon. We look forward to seeing you there.

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Street address
2017 Continental Place #6
Mount Vernon, WA 98273

Electronic mail address
Mike Shelby, Executive Director - mshelby@fidalgo.net
Debbie Danielson, Office Manager - ddanielson@fidalgo.net
Mike Rundlett, CIDMP Project Coordinator - mwrundlett@fidalgo.net

Office phone
(360) 424-7327

FAX number
(360) 424-9343

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