Dial-Up 14.4 to 56 Kbps






Debit Monthly

Email Only
100 hours
$21 $60 $100 $180 $20

Dial Up Accounts
come with a zero risk 14 day free trial period
Dial-Up Accounts
require a one time activation fee of $10
Email Only Accounts require a one time activation fee of $5

Non-Profit: Take 25% off our monthly dialup rates
Quarterly, semi-annual, and annual rate plans are on a non-refundable pre-paid basis.
Prices subject to change.
Dial-Up Plans Include
(Does not apply to "Email Only" accounts)
Includes 2 Free E-mail Accounts {username@fidalgo.net}.
     Additional E-Mail Address (Available for all plans): $2/mo each
Includes 10 MB of personal disk space.
Includes free personal/non-profit web page (www.fidalgo.net/~username).
Plan Includes
Includes 1GB of disk space (Mailbox size).
     Additional Disk Space: $1/mo each 1GB
Includes free message archieve retrieval (Request up to twice monthly).
     Additional Request: $5 each
Extras Available for above plans
Hours used after allotted time. (no maximum)
Additional email addresses. (includes 1GB storage)
$2 per mo.
Account Change Fee (Add/Remove/Change Service).
$5 one-time fee.
Account Reconnect Fee (Suspend, Hold, Reconnect Service).
$5 one-time fee.
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