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Current Office Hours: M-F 9am-6pm, Sat Closed, Sun Closed

All Services Up!: There are no known network outages reported.

02/23/2011 | 03:00pm

Due to a declining demand, Fidalgo Networking's office (Store front) is now closed on Sunday's. We do continue to provider over the phone technical support 24x7.

02/19/2011 | 01:00pm

Frontier had an issue this morning causing many dsl customers to not be able to get online. Frontier has since fixed the issue and our dsl customers are able to surf the net again. We apologies for this inconvenience.

02/12/2011 | 07:15pm

Fidalgo Networking lost commercial power due to the high wind storm at around 2:40pm this afternoon. PSE said it was due to equipment failure that effected 1,981 customers, they had failure at North 18th St and another issue on Laventure. We ran on generator power until the power was restored around 6:45pm.

02/09/2011 | 06:00pm

We not a glitch that caused an influx of spam email between 3pm to 6pm this afternoon. The glitch is now fixed and should be filtering better for spam now.

01/24/2011 | 12:30pm

We had an issue with one of our incoming mail gateways, causing email coming to our customers to be returned as address unknown. We fixed this issue, it was due to a hard drive filling up. It most likely started over the weekend.

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