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06/12/2011 | 10:30am

Frontier the local telephone carrier is reporting 161 dsl customers currently out, some of those customers are ours, they have been experiencing an outage all weekend, since Friday. We apologize for this inconvenience some of our customers are experiencing.

05/14/2011 | 07:00pm

Dialup went down around 6pm this evening, we contacted our provider and they just now got service restored, we apologize for the inconvenience.

05/13/2011 | 09:00am

It took about 24 hours to be fully removed from the spam list, however about 9:30am yesterday we changed the routing method for email, so we wouldn't be flagged as spam, now we reverted the change back, and mail is still flowing normally.

05/12/2011 | 09:00am

For some unknown reason our mail server hosting @fidalgo.net email addresses got listed in SpamHaus CBL, we have requested to be removed about an hour ago, and expect to be fully removed shortly, right now customers with @fidalgo.net email addresses get bounce backs when sending to various email address, like @hotmail.com, @yahoo.com, and @comcast.net Thank you for your patience and understanding.

02/25/2011 | 08:30am

We performed a SmarterMail upgrade on our Windows Web Hosting Mail Server. There was a small, couple minute, downtime during this upgrade when the mail service had to be stopped.

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