I am having trouble:

Connecting to my personal web space via Internet Explorer

Protecting my computer from E-mail Viruses


If you are having trouble with any of the following:

Dialing up to Fidalgo Networking

Sending E-mail

Accessing web pages

Removing unwanted dial up connections

Checking E-mail

Any other recent Internet-related problem.


Then try these solutions in order:

:: Check to see if problem was resolved after each step ::

Shut down and restart computer:

Some problems are related to a minor "glitch" on your computer. A re-start can typically correct such glitch.

Run our Fidalgo Easy Internet Setup Assistant:

Our Fidalgo Easy Internet Setup Assistant (Fidalgo.exe) can automatically setup your computer for the proper dial up and E-mail settings for your account. It can also correct a number of TCP/IP issues, and remove any unwanted dial up/E-mail entries from your computer. Its quite handy to have around.

Contact our technical support department:

As useful as the software can be...it cannot solve everything. If your problem persists, contact our technical support department. Our web site contains contact numbers in your area.

:: Check to see if problem was resolved after each step ::